Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

90% Full Prisons Guaranteed - The Future of America land of Casino's and Prison's

CLINTFomNYtoVA is an alternative collective humanitarian channel which speaks to the relevant direction of the true state of the nation and the hidden agenda of the powers that be which control what was once a sovereign nation but has been taken over by Corp. U.S. as outlined in teamlaw(dot)net.

See Patriot Myths link upper left corner of teamlaw(dot)net Myth #'s 17, 21, 22, 23 for the truth this legal team uncovered while dispelling myths. It will astound you and challenge your paradigm. It may prove to be the most important facts you've ever considered. Don't take my word for it. Consider it.

It also offers the only non violent solution if you choose to take it. We are controlled by globalists through the Corp US which is controlled by the UN and other fronts as Panetta openly testified in congress.

After bailout with job outlook now we have become truly useless eaters. The depopulation phase begins as the Georgia Guide stones lay testament to their evil plot to create geoengineering and crops which sicken us. Weather control allows for drought and famine.

Sonic weapons melting the polar caps to create a major rise in sea level to create the false flag of all time, with what will appear to be a natural disaster, putting FEMA in charge of the nation.

The future is fracking and environmental destruction and pillaging and taxing our nation, the upcoming CARBON TAX which will be passed to you via your utility bills, The debt prison is closing in on the middle class to impoverish them. Virginia diverts whole of Mortgage settlement to anyone but damaged homeowners.

When the interest rates go up or during an extended bank holiday, the government will foreclose on the many mortgages they can see owning.

MF Global shows possession of your money matters, rule of law does not apply if you are in the club like, Corzine, and they are positioned to steal your money or reputation if you challenge them as Sarkosy learned.

You can own land but not real estate and chances are good you bought real estate. Confused? see Teamlaw(dot)net which covers this Agenda 21 plan. Executive orders in place to acquire your land and FEMA camps ready to house you. If corporations want prisoners that is what they will get and you will find yourself committing a few minor offenses and it will combine to become your ticket to slave labor.

These will grow as fast as casinos and we will soon be the United States of Casinos and Prisons. Stop and frisk has gotten police scared and concerned: NYPD speak out :

GMO and geoengineered famine is in the future. Control the food, control the people. Skyrocketing interest rates, misuse of the Trading with the Enemy Act while domestic classes of terrorism are formed for dissenting protesters.

Debt prisons become likely in the future and there is no real currency to buy your way out. Please see teamlaw(dot)net and educate yourself as this team of lawyers have.

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